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Solar power’s journey began millennia ago, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that photovoltaic technology emerged. Today, it’s a mainstream energy source, powering homes, businesses, and cities globally. With advancements in efficiency and affordability, solar energy is key to a sustainable future.

In South Africa, the quest for reliable electricity has long been a challenge. Frequent power outages, known as load shedding, have become an all too familiar part of daily life for many residents and businesses. However, amidst this uncertainty, a beacon of hope has emerged in the form of solar power backup solutions.

Rhino Sun is your environmentally focussed organisation which helps you to harvest the free energy from the sun, and to conserve our natural heritage, wildlife and resources. Years of business experience in the solar power field, you can rely on us to provide you with expert advice, competitive pricing and the best installation services.

A full range of Huawei and other international brands are offered to you in the Residential, Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial sectors, as well as offering a full range of solar energy products and services to our installers in South Africa.

"Solar energy is in our future. There's a kind of inevitability about it."

Our physical store is located in Nelspruit (Mbombela), Mpumalanga. However, we can deliver nation-wide, South Africa.

To enable better quality of living and economic growth through sun energy development, and to provide sun energy solutions that support communities, whilst conserving our wildlife and natural resources.

To create a better everyday life through sun energy for our many people, and to contribute in conserving our natural wildlife and resources. 

Rhino Sun formed partnerships with Huawei, Riken & Chint to provide quality solar products to all South Africans.

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We work with various brands including Huawei, Deye, Longi Solar, Dyness, Riken and Chint.

We provide all types of solar products which include solar panels, inverters, batteries, lights, generators, and more.

A full range of Huawei and other international solar brands are offered directly to you as the client, through installations in the Residential, Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial sectors. We also offer a full range of solar energy products and services to our installers in Southern Africa. 

We are proud to be the official distributor for Riken electrical components – you can now find all your electrical components with us – retail and wholesale!

Rhino Sun specialises in designing and installing solar systems, according to your energy objectives, for residential, agricultural and commercial & industrial sectors. We have qualified and accredited electrical teams with years of experience in this industry.

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Rhino Sun Solar Sectors


Planning on powering your residence with the free energy from the sun, and be more energy autonomous? Get in contact with us today so that we can provide you with advice and a free quote regarding residential solar systems.


Solar power is becoming the preferred option of economical electricity supply to farms. Get in touch with us to provide you with a quote to install a solar system on your farm.

Commercial & Industrial

Electricity is essential for all businesses and they lose financially through power outages. Therefore, more and more companies are implementing economical solar power. If you are one of these companies, contact us for a free quote.

Installers Only

We provide a wide range of solar products to installers throughout South Africa.
You can contact us for expert advice and competitive prices.

What Are Your Solar Power Needs?

How we can assist you with your solar power journey:

Our Solar Services Include:

Custom Designs

We design a solar back-up system to suit your needs whether it is residential, Commercial / Industrial or Agricultural.

Competitive Solar System Quotes

We provide you with a competitive quotation for the products or epuipment, delivery and installation.

Solar System Installations

We install the solar system and provide you with the necessary guidance to manage your solar system.


For Installers

We can supply people and installers with installation kits.


Special services especially to the Agricultural & C&I sectors.

Even though we are based in Nelspruit (Mbombela), we are willing to assist any new client or installer in other parts of South Africa.

With our Solar Calculator we can easily calculate your requirements anywhere in South Africa – just send us an e-mail with your key information. We will gladly assist you with our expert advice and competitive quotes.

Let’s build a relationship and help you go SOLAR!

We supply comprehensive solar systems and components directly to registered installers

CHINT Electrical Components

You can now purchase any CHINT electrical components directly from us at Rhino Sun.
(Available for retail & whole sale)

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Rhino Sun is proud to announce that we are now associated with The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA).

SAPVIA is a non-profitable organisation that focuses on the promotion, development, and growth of the Photovoltaic industry in South Africa. The renewable energy sector is becoming a big industry in South Africa due to unpredictable power outages and load-shedding.