Commercial & Industrial Solar systems

Monitoring & Maintenance

Provides benefits that will suit your needs.

Rhino Sun to Power Your Property

Through our FusionSolar systems, we provide you with optimal electricity costs. Our PV optimisers generate up to 30% more energy. By optimising each module’s performance it results in more energy generated.

HUAWEI’s solution to yielding more energy is having two strings per MPPT. Each string can reach its maximum performance to obtain higher total yields.

It has a built-in PID Recovery to secure and achieve better module performance. A study shows that the PID Recovery inverter increases power yields by 1.59% within six months.

AI-Powered “Active Arching Prevention” provides more protection making it actively safe. You will have a better experience with our systems which are fuse-free and with a natural cooling design.

By using Huawei Smart I-V Curve diagnosis you will be able to detect the fault of the PV strings based on the current and voltage info collected by the string inverters, the AI identification algorithms, as well as big data mining.



Our Systems Are C&I Tailored

The C&I tailored arcing detection range is up to 200m PV cable for MW-level PV plant. It is up to 150% more efficient.

The C&I tailored arcing detection includes a maximum  current of 26A – perfectly matching bi-facial PV modules.

The very quick electronic arc fault detection system replaces the old manual system of seeking the faulty panel/s over hours and days. This decreases downtime and improves safety and efficiency.

Rhino Sun Can offer C&I Industries the following advantages:

* Remember that the total investment cost can be deducted from company income tax, which means an effective capital saving of 28%.

  1. Use ground-mounted or rooftop-mounted solar installations to generate and sell electricity through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  2. Make ingenious use of your rooftop spaces to install solar systems to harvest the free energy from our sun, and save money – factories, warehouses, office buildings, car parks, etc.
  3. These systems are ideal for supplying energy to daytime activities and to ensure uninterrupted own electricity supply. 
  4. Should energy be required during night time, it can be supported by battery backup systems.
  5. Generators, up to 2500kVA
  6. Battery banks up to 3000 kWh